The BBC headline was intriguing at first glance. Leeds, the old home town (OK, city) ‘may’ be about to ‘get’ a New York-style ‘high line’. Wow, I thought. One in the eye for the Big Apple. But wait, it turns out Leeds has had it since Victorian times and the last time people could walk on it was 1988. If it’s already there – all 92 viaduct arches of it – how come we’re just about to ‘get’ it? A more accurate headline would have read ‘Leeds remembers it’s got a High Line that’s every bit as impressive as those in New York and Paris’. But then, the city is rather good at forgetting things – like the flax mill built to copy an Egyption Temple, Colonel Harding’s campanile tower, the forlorn Queen Victoria’s Arch, abandoned to fate and the elements in Beckett’s Park, and the Headingley Bear Pit.


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