I’m looking for some extra work at the moment and was offered a ‘phone interview for a job with one of the major outsourcing companies (no names, you’ll see why…) The advert was non-specific on a number of key areas: I knew what service was being provided, but for whom and how were well hidden behind generic – and in several places ungrammatical – waffle. A few minutes in, the HR bod mentioned that the job could involve handling a number of telephone calls, to which I asked ‘is this a call centre?’ A pretty straightforward question in the circumstances, one would have thought. To which the answer ran along the lines of ‘no, um, rather yes’. It either is or it isn’t – you can’t be a ‘little bit’ call centre any more than you can be a little bit pregnant. There comes a point when relativism has to meet certain boundaries and I felt less than comfortable that an prospective employer could want to hide the real nature of a job by advertising in such broad terms


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